Durham Union bar closed for foreseeable future


The 24 North Bailey Club, better known as 24s, will be closed at the beginning of Michaelmas Term for the foreseeable future.

The bar is run by the Durham Union Society, which operates events in the bar, though the building itself is University-owned. Profits from the bar are invested back into the Union Society.

Palatinate understands that 24s may reopen later in the term, and the closure will be subject to regular review.

“Profits from the bar are invested back into the Union”

Covid-19 restrictions would have significantly reduced the capacity of the bar and thus its revenue. It was therefore considered financially unsustainable to run for the present.

Most college bars will be open this term, but they will not be open to livers-out for at least the first week of term.

Pubs and bars in Durham City are open. Some, however, will remain closed for longer, such as St Mary’s College bar, which was deemed to have insufficient ventilation to operate safely.

In accordance with County Durham Covid-19 restrictions, all bars will close at 10pm. The former Custodian of 24s gave no on the specific reasons behind the closure of the bar.

Image: Peter Bonnett via Flickr

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