Computer Science student creates new timetabling website


A Durham Computer Science student, Adam Carruthers, has created a website that will automatically download a student’s lectures and seminars to their calendar and synthesise them into one place.

Mr. Carruthers told Palatinate that he created the website out of frustration with the University’s current timetable checker system.

“The University is ignoring a lot of simple digital investments”

Adam Carruthers

Usually, every term, Durham students have to search Durham’s online timetable information for each individual module and copy them into their own calendar.

To save students time and avoid human error, the third-year student thought that “computers could do it better” and created a substitute website.

A side project over the summer, it took the computer science student a month to create the website and for his friends to test out it and suggest improvements.

‘Durham Calendar’ downloads selected modules “into a calendar file of your choice” and “lets you edit details, like selecting which specific seminar group you’re in, or which colour you want your module to be”.

“Computers could do it better”

Adam Carruthers

Modules can be found using the search bar rather than scrolling through the entire list of those taught at Durham. Multiple modules can be selected at once for edit and download.

Carruthers believes that Durham University’s online systems could easily be improved: “the University is ignoring a lot of simple digital investments that would do a lot to improve student experience”.

One example he gave was the “need to improve digital payments for JCR events” to save the “mountains of admin” required for formal sign up and JCR room bookings.


2 thoughts on “Computer Science student creates new timetabling website

  • The website is at if anyone wants it!

  • Brilliant. That’s the spirit of Durham…


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