Durham PhD student Matthew Hedges begins “plight for justice”


Matthew Hedges’ wife Daniela Tejada has today revealed that the couple are “now able to start our plight for justice” following money raised from a crowdfunded campaign.

Matthew was pardoned by the United Arab Emirates Authorities after being sentenced to life imprisonment. His conviction in the UAE of ‘spying’ for the UK government still stands.

The fundraiser, set up by Daniela on the crowdfunding platform CrowdJustice, aims to “lawfully clear” Matthew’s name so that his “academic legitimacy” can be re-affirmed.

The 31-year-old student was reportedly placed in solitary confinement for five and a half months after travelling to the UAE to research his PhD thesis on the impact of the Arab Spring on the country’s security and foreign policy.

All donations received will be transferred to their legal team, in order to “cover legal costs associated with this action”.

Having raised over £7,500 in donations, Daniela today disclosed that the couple are now able to begin legal proceedings to clear Matthew’s name, adding that the fundraiser will remain open until the goal of £100,000 is reached.

She tweeted “those attempting to silence legitimate academic work must know that their actions won’t go unnoticed by the international community”.

Read our interview with Matthew and Daniela here

Photograph by Daniela Tejada

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