Durham nightclubs urge caution as restrictions eased


Durham nightclubs have urged customers to continue following social distancing regulations, despite Covid-19 restrictions being lifted last month.

In a Facebook post, detailing how they would be operating a bar service again, Durham nightclub, Wiff Waff warned that “A moral compass is required for entry and the slightest hint of ‘f*ck it, I can do want I want’ idiots will be refused admittance without question”. They also noted that “capacity is determined by the number of seats, so there should always be one” and “standing is discouraged where possible”.

“A moral compass is required for entry.”

-Wiff Waff

Jimmy Allens has continued to operate as a sit-down bar since restrictions were eased on the 19th July, only reopening their dancefloor on Saturday 30th July. In a Facebook post, the nightclub said: “Tonight is the night, after our dancefloor being closed 17 months, tonight we welcome people back to actually dance”.

Jimmy Allens told Palatinate that their identity as a part of student culture was a big reason for the full reopening: “we decided to re-open as a nightclub as Jimmy’s is famous for being exactly that.”

“The last 17 months have been very hard on everyone, and last year’s freshers missed out on a huge part of student social life, hopefully everyone will this year get the chance to enjoy the bars and nightclubs in Durham”.

Jimmy Allens noted that “it looks like we will have no say” on the possibility of vaccine passports and that “if anything like past regulations we won’t hear anything till the last minute. We want everyone to enjoy themselves, however we understand that in current circumstances further restrictions may be required for public safety.”

“For those that have missed dancing, and hugging friends and loved ones, this will be your first chance to do so in the best setting possible.”


Babylon, which is located on North Road, has almost returned to normal operations, but highlighted how customers should not linger at the bar for the safety of staff. Osborne’s is currently being refurbished and is not open. In a statement, they said: “can’t wait to see you all back”.

Other nightclubs reopened as soon as restrictions were lifted. Both Players and Fabio’s Bar held ‘Freedom Party’ celebrations after restrictions were relaxed to allow people to meet in unlimited groups without social distancing. Klute has also reopened as a nightclub, and Bishop’s Mill (Lloyds) is open, and the wearing of masks and contract tracing are optional.

In a Facebook event description, Fabio’s Bar said, “For those that have missed dancing, hugging friends and loved ones, this will be your first chance to do so in the best setting possible.”


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