DU success at Central American Fencing Championships


Representing El Salvador, Josephine Butler masters student Ivania Carballo Barrera produced an outstanding performance at the Central American Fencing Championships in the women’s foil category.

Attaining two gold medals, Carballo Barrera saw victory with impressive domination within her individual category, an act she then followed with a triumph in the team division, helping crown El Salvador the overall victors.

For her, the results are not only pleasing but also “motivation to keep achieving” and putting effort into her training.

Having tried ballet, taekwondo and chess in her youth but failing to attach a love to any of these disciplines, she was introduced to fencing, a sport which simply “clicked”.

She views fencing as a perfect combination of all the sports she has previously attempting, merging focus, balance and reactions into a highly skilled discipline.

After she tried fencing for the first time, Carballo Barrera identifies “how good [she] felt”, soon realising how she intended to perform “in this sport for a long time”. She has now been fencing for fourteen-years and “still loves everything about it”.

Durham University Fencing has a long standing reputation for being one of the leading programmes in British University Sport. Boasting proud possession of one of the only purpose-built fencing salles in the country, with four metal pistes, four training pistes and one wheelchair fencing frame, DUFC certainly offers an athlete of Carballo Barrera’s standard a sure grounding through which she may develop her talent.

She now turns her attention to winning this academic year’s competition and pursuing the goal of qualification for next summer’s Olympics.

Image courtesy of Ivania Carballo Barrera

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