2019 Hexham Regatta Results are in

Squads from Durham University Boat Club, Durham Amateur Rowing Club and college crews took to Hexham’s one-day regatta to represent Durham in full force.

The various crews succeeded in winning twenty-five from sixty- four races, collecting 102 medals in total.

DUBC saw individual success within development squads through the likes of Joe Nugent and Izzy Maxwell, both attaining victory within their respective single-sculling competitions, with Sam Young and Fred Deakin providing the club with an additional triumph.

A significant achievement was seen through performance at college level, with University College, St. Aidans and Collingwood attaining two wins each. Hatfield College marked themselves as dominant on the water, gaining three victories overall.

The various crews succeeded in winning twenty-five from sixty- four races

Mention goes to the somewhat unexpected success of the University College’s Women’s 8+ who ‘surpassed anticipations’. In scraping a win in the preliminary race the crew preceded to transition through three additional heats, requiring a photo finish to gain victory in the final against a strong Collingwood squad. .

Hexham Regatta results:

Op 1x (B1) Castle – Burke Op 1x (B2) DUBC – Nugent W 1x (B2) DUBC – Maxwell

Op 2- (B1) DUBC Op 2- (B2) DARC Op 2x Grey W 2x Collingwood

Op 4+ (B1) Aidans Op 4+ (B2) DUBC Op 4+ (B3) Butler Op 4+ (B4) John Snow W 4+ (B1) Hatfield W 4+ (B3) Hatfield

Op 8+ (B1) Aidans Op 8+ (B2) Hatfield W 8+ Castle Mx 8+ Collingwood

Op MasE 2x DARC W MasE/F 4x- DARC Op MasF/H 4x- DARC

Op J13 4x+ DARCOp J16 4x- DARC W J16 4x- DARC Op J17 1x (B1) DARC W J17 1x DARC

Image: Durham Amateur Rowing Club

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