Dangerous ecstasy tablets circulating Durham


Van Mildert issued a warning about dangerous ecstasy pills that have been circulating the University on Friday 10th.

In response to being contacted by the college office, the Van Mildert Executive Committee believed the best way possible to warn students about the pills was through the College Facebook page.

Warning students about the pills, which come shaped in ice cream cones and faces, the Facebook post shares the information that the tablets “are extremely hazardous for your skin and the police say not to touch them with your bare hands, they could seriously harm your skin, they’re that dangerous.”

Though no tablets have been found on the Van Mildert College campus, the Facebook page shares information about how to react if students find any of the tablets: “pick them up with gloves. Wrap them up and inform the college porter”.

The Student Code of Practice for the use of alcohol and drugs clearly states: “The University actively discourages the use of illegal drugs. The possession of illegal drugs is a criminal offence and the possession with intent to supply is a more serious offence.”

Durham’s Constabulary have stated: “Police enquiries into the supply of the drugs are ongoing.”

Photograph: Durham University

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