Case against George Worrall dropped after 18 months


George Worrall, suspended Grey College student, was found not guilty after the Crown Prosecution Service decided that the likelihood of a conviction was slim due to the number of ‘inconsistencies’ in the victim’s report.

Worrall was charged with two counts of rape and one of sexual assault, the alleged offences were said to take place on 8th December 2014.  In January 2015, Sarah Traynor, for the prosecution, said: ‘It is a serious matter and it is going to the crown court.’

After 18 months of investigation, the case against Worrall collapsed and he now plans to return to Durham University in order to resume his Engineering course.

Worrall also claims he will found a support group for those accused of sexual assault.

Speaking via his representatives, Belmores Solicitors, he says:  “I do not feel anger for what has been done to me but instead end the case with a renewed sense of purpose and pride for the things I have achieved over the last 18 months, both personally and professionally in spite of the investigation.”

He added: “My experience is not an isolated one. There have been a number of high profile cases in the recently where the defendants have been found not guilty and there are many young men, especially in higher education, who face similar situations across the country. These men go through life-changing ordeals and it is time the Government took action to provide adequate protection and grant anonymity to those accused until a court has made a decision as to guilt or innocence.”

This comes after the high profile case of Louis Richardson, who was also declared not guilty.

Photograph: Durham Constabulary 

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