College Sport Manager: Loughborough intramural varsity victory bodes well

By LJ Crawford

Last Sunday saw the Loughborough IMS programme arrive to a chilly but bright winter day at Maiden Castle.

Durham were hoping Stephenson’s win in mixed badminton would guarantee their lead for the rest of the day but Holt quickly took the lead in men’s basketball against Collingwood and the competition was tied.

Despite a very close match in women’s football, Grey lost in the final minutes to Telford. Van Mildert netball secured a last minute win, making it a tie once again. Everyone huddled into the Sports Hall to watch the women’s basketball, but the game ended with a heartbreaking 28-27 defeat.

Once again Loughborough had taken the lead in the Varsity and Durham’s hope was with the St Cuthbert’s Men’s Football team who were also playing an extremely close match. Tied three-all at half time, St Cuthbert’s got the much needed fourth goal with four minutes left in the match and once again the Varsity was tied.

Grey women’s hockey remain undefeated this season after a 2-0 win against Telford & Falk Egg, which put Durham in the lead again finally. But nobody could have anticipated the upset in the men’s rugby match. Faraday literally ran over the Collingwood men to give a 50-15 win to the visitors. The competition was tied with only men’s hockey left.

At it was 1-1 between Hild Bede and Farady & Telford. The visitors missed a penalty shot and two minutes later Hild Bede put the ball into the visitor’s goal and won the match. Durham had won!

Despite a day full of nail-biting tension, the fixtures were enjoyed by all and Loughborough did leave smiling after a battle lost but well fought. Well done to all of the Durham teams who participated for an amazing display of college sport excellence.

Photograph: LJ Crawford

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