Reader’s Scigest: 22/02/18

By Rachel Miller

This weekend has seen Team GB win three medals, including a gold for Lizzie Yarnold, in the skeleton at the Winter Olympics. Yet this success has been marred by backlash at the team’s new “skinsuits”.

The suits are created after 3D scans of the athletes’ bodies are tested in wind-tunnels, and each suit is uniquely fitted to achieve the most aerodynamic efficiency.

In other wintery news, after an iceberg four times the size of Greater London broke off from the Antarctic Peninsula in July 2017, a British Antarctic Survey-led team are heading South on the 21st February to explore the seabed ecosystem.

They are hoping to find weird and wacky wildlife in an area that has not seen sunlight in approximately 120,000 years!

Photograph: Kevin Dooley via Flickr

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