College Sport Manager: varsities mean best is yet to come this term

By LJ Crawford

First term provided an exciting start to college sport. We had over 540 teams competing across more than 70 leagues for their colleges, resulting in 17,000 college sport points being awarded.

Michaelmas term also saw college sport points awarded for the college pool leagues for the first time, as well as for one-day knock-out competitions in rowing, ultimate frisbee and volleyball.

Collingwood College still sit comfortably in first place in the college sport table, but with events like the Collingwood vs Grey Varsity this term and Festival of Sport in third term, their title can still be challenged.

Epiphany term also sees the return of regular annual college sport competitions including the Hatfield vs Castle Varsity (March 3rd/4th) and the York Colleges Varsity on Sunday February 25th.

This year we return to York for the Varsity. The last time we competed away for the trophy, York kept it from us, and we do not plan on letting that happen again.

Epiphany term also sees two new competitions; a Stephenson vs Josephine Butler College Varsity (Feb 17th/18th) and a varsity against Loughborough University Intramural Sports on Sunday February 11th. Keep your eyes on all Team Durham social media (@teamdurham) for varsity team selection coming out in early February.

Epiphany term will also see the completion of many of the college sport leagues and cups for the year so keep an eye on social media for winners announcements as well. Best of luck to all of the College sport teams as they continue to play this term and let’s keep our fingers crossed the weather stays in our favour this time!

Photograph: Durham University

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