Cache Out: cashing in on the Durham function scene


The Durham student music scene is unarguably brilliant. It’s easy to find a gig to go to, or to see a band at virtually any college event, whether that be new music or old. Recently however, a new band has been making waves: Cache Out.

 “We’re sick, innit?” Jan offers, followed by a sly grin. He believes that’s why is rolling in bookings…or, he clarifies, it’s probably because each audience experiences how committed and dedicated the band is to the crowd, and to each other.

We’re sick innit

 James refers to Hild Bede Boat Club’s recent ball and the energy they had. He says that was a “favourite gig” for him. Their continuous efforts to incorporate crowd pleasing songs into their set list is paying off, ensuring it’s always a good time. Classics include “Treasure” and “Crazy in love”. Plus, Jan has been ’s “secret weapon” since he first played with them at a small house party.

 For both James and Jan, it’s all about having fun, and providing an experience characterised by the kind of loose, flowing energy that any student loves to see at a function.

Cache Out ‘officially’ started this academic year, but it was preluded by a brief era in which the early bones were put together by Toby, who plays Trumpet and does the arrangements for the band. Following a busy summer, the reigns were unofficially handed over to James, (drumming and the admin), and as it exists now was formed. Made up of seven people, including bassist (Nina), Keyboardist (Andrew, ‘the wizard’ Lee), Saxophonist, (Charlie), Singer (Lexi), says it brings a sound that is “big”, “grand” and “exciting” to any function they perform at.

 Wheedling gossip out of them is impossible, even from a band that is pretty big. Jan points out how close they all are and says that they, understandably, have minor disagreements but these never escalate due to a commitment from all of them to making sure that everybody gets their chance to solo and have their moment.  “Isn’t she lovely” is their favourite song to play because it hypes the crowd and lets everyone in the band have a chance to showcase their talent.

 James plans to follow in the footsteps of the Quays, another Durham function band, who have been going since 2011 by recruiting new members when previous ones graduate. Plus, in an “exciting new plan,” the band hopes that they can “host their own event rather than playing under another event,” to distinguish themselves from other Durham function bands whom they clearly love. They list what seems like every band they have seen recently, noting how well they’re doing. “Everyone’s brilliant,” says James. Jan nods enthusiastically.

If you’re looking for a function band I would recommend researching Cache Out, just because of their sheer joy for music, and for Durham

 They’ve come far in the few months they’ve been together, growing from relatively unknown to “being booked for the biggest events” (they played the Tweed ball the night of the interview).  “We’re in championship function band league,” James says before laughingly clarifying he doesn’t consider as better than anyone else. He’s simply delighted with their success. Whether that’s a real thing or not, time will tell. But they do have plenty of gigs booked for the summer term so maybe that’s the staple of a “championship” league band?

The pair refer to themselves as “the two biggest clowns in Durham,”. While they are certainly two of the funnier guys around, their answers don’t paint them as clowns. These two are indefatigable in their optimism. If you’re looking for a function band I would recommend researching Cache Out, just because of their sheer joy for music, and for Durham.


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