An exams post-mortem


Taking 24 hours to write an essay is a tough thing to do, but if we can get through money trouble, relationship messes, and spending time with people who you dislike so much that you wish they actually did get into Cambridge, then we can get through exams.

The period of stress is coming to an end now. Whether you’re in your last year, going into the terrifying big wide world with nothing but a philosophy degree, or a fresher who cared too much about an exam which ultimately does not matter – the conclusion of the exam period is a welcome relief.

However, the grass isn’t always greener on the other side. As you sink further into the overdraft and you realise the people you live with are absolute weirdos, you might eventually see that locking yourself away for 24 hours was a blessing.

Neither being asked to “discuss”, nor will writing 2000 words on Beowulf at 2 am will prepare you for the mess that is the world. It’s apparently on fire, but it rains all the time. We are living in a pandemic, and you’ve got fresher’s flu again. Congratulations on your first in archaeology, but you are no Indiana Jones and Mcdonald’s is calling you.

It isn’t all doom and gloom!

Hang on to the feeling of accomplishment for as long as possible. Although the gruelling exam period may have made you feel down, being dragged through the choppy sea of all-nighters and heinous spelling mistakes, finishing all your exams without giving up and researching successful university dropouts is a genuine achievement.

And it isn’t all doom and gloom! Jimmy’s is doing five shots of Jäger for £10 at the moment so you can forget all about this month in an economic fashion. The weather is getting better, meaning you can get burned by something other than an exam paper, and college sports fixtures are beginning in earnest, so you can lose something other than a healthy sleep schedule.

Exam blues may be replaced by post-exam blues and it may seem that nothing has changed, but it has. You left a large part of your soul with Turnitin.

Image: Alison Wood via Wikimedia Commons

One thought on “An exams post-mortem

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