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I think most of us can admit that we spend a little too much time on our phones. Snapchatting your best ‘ugly face’ to friends, ‘Candy Crushing’ or ‘Facebook Stalking’, our phones are never normally far from our sides. Here at the Palatinate Fashion section we have found three more exciting ways to add to your frequent phone checking, ensuring that you stay completely up to date with all things fashion at Durham and fashion around the world. Whether it is the latest photos from the catwalks of Milan and Elvet Riverside or where to buy that jumper you saw featured in an article, the Palatinate Fashion social media accounts will serve every possible demand.

Twitter: @PalatinateStyle

Our twitter page is the perfect platform to not only find links to fashion articles on the Palatinate, but also retweets and links to articles from major fashion publications around the world. Think of it as your one source for fashion headlines. If you find an article you think others may like or have a favourite photo from a catwalk show, tweet it in to the page and we can share it. The fashion calendar is notoriously bizarre, summer catwalk shows displaying winter coats and the shows now celebrating summer, but with our twitter page it will become just that bit easier to follow.

Instagram: palatinate_fashion

The fashion section’s Instagram is another brilliant way to stay up to date with all things fashion. This year we hope to feature photos from Durham events and allow for behind the scenes access to our articles. Even more excitingly we hope to venture into Durham Street Style! Photos are always welcome to be sent into our twitter page and these may go on to be featured on the Instagram page! If you head over there now you may even find a sneak peak at the photo shoot that will be in the next print edition of the Palatinate!

Wantfeed: PalatinateStyle

The newest addition to the Fashion section is our Wantfeed page. Through this profile you can find the shopping links to any of the products featured on our articles. Just as a warning Wantfeed acts as a dangerous door to a lot of online shop browsing – student loan beware!!

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