“You are the Cosmos, the Universe”

What are you?

You are the moon. You
are the moon with her
ever-turning cycles. You
are the moon, whose climb
to beauty, shrinks to darkness,
but always maintains. You are
a mind
magnificent and mighty,
an elastic band
that will pull, pull, pull…
but never snap. A tossing,
turning ship that braves
cold waters and expanses
of endless deep. You fizz in
the dust
that travelled lightyears across
the cosmos to form
your frame. No – you are
the cosmos, the universe,
and the stars that will
keep burning. You are the force
that can withstand every black
hole’s pull,
every meteor shower –
each supernova –
just by being you.
You are in the breath of your
great-great grandmother.
You are in the blood of your
great-great granddaughter. You are
ripening on your family tree,
full of life, full of
vigour and sweetness –
purely oozing ‘you’. You are
in the lingering smell
you leave upon your lover’s
lips after a passionate
kiss, and
the thoughts they wake up with each
morning. You are the
dreams your friends sleep with

every night. No matter how
thorny life becomes,
you are not thoughts, emotions,
diagnoses. You are not
that flicker up on charts and
diagrams, that spin
senselessly into
oblivion – you are not
those who’ve stung you. You
can weep, cry, sigh, scream, shout, hurt
burn, bleed! – but these are not a
spot on
your innate magnificence.
You are brilliance.
You are not even
your body. It is simply
a vehicle, your
possession – just like your eyes,
your mouth, your legs, your stomach.
They are
your snake-skin clothing, your cocoon…

Evening Moon
By Maeve Moran

I can still see honey
high notes, drizzling and filling your hair,
tangled earphones.
Grey pleats wax to skin at your knees
and no one can see you here
in the pitch-warm evening –
orange and sparking.

I don’t forget the jasper
cracked magma rain in inked black puddles –
or the terracotta splash at your laces,
teeth bright in a melting parked car window.
You were ready to lick the thunder from
the sky –
face creamy and beaming
at a bewildered moon
you’d loved a hundred times already.

Featured Image by Nick Kenrick, accessed via flickr under Creative Commons 2.0 license.

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