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Want to get involved with Palatinate? We’re seeking talented and enthusiastic people to fill the following positions. To request an application form, or for more information, please get in touch by emailing editor@palatinate.org.uk.

The round one deadline for application forms is Monday 21st July. The round two deadline for application forms is Monday 11th August.

Round one

Deputy Editor

Second-in-command on the Editorial Board, the Deputy Editor is responsible for overseeing the production of the Main Paper, arranging editorial board meetings, undertaking and supervising training of editors in InDesign and uploading to the website, liaising with PTV and Purple Radio, as well as organising distribution. Some Palatinate experience preferred.

Online Editor

To work alongside the senior editorial team, we’re looking for an Online Editor to manage the regular content on palatinate.org.uk editorially and work with the Web Editor (technical) to drive innovation on the website. A desire to make Palatinate‘s website the best that it can be in terms of content and how it is delivered is essential.


One of the busiest and most exciting positions in Palatinate, Editors head up a team of five scouring Durham for news, filling the front pages of the print edition and keeping our website fully stocked with the latest news. Two positions available. Some journalistic experience preferred.

Web Editor

The role of Palatinate Web Editor involves working to develop the appearance, accessibility and multimedia aspects of Palatinate’s website. It is up to the successful applicant to shape the role as they work with the Editors-in-Chief to develop a clear strategy and design for the website, which is becoming increasingly the most important aspect of Palatinate’s output. Some experience of web design preferred.

Round two

Features Editor 

Responsible for writing some of the biggest and boldest articles in the Main Paper, Features works closely with the Editor and leads investigations in to some of the weighty issues facing the Durham student body.


Palatinate‘s most controversial section needs a new editor. As Editor, you’ll be responsible for gathering content and deciding on hot topics for discussion, both for the print edition and regular online pieces.

Deputy Editors

One of the busiest and most exciting sections at Palatinate, the Deputy Editors are part of a team of editors scouring Durham for and filling the first seven pages of the main paper. If you like writing, investigating and interviewing, what are you waiting for?

Illustrations Editor

It is the role of Illustration editor to ensure that Palatinate contains illustrations that both suit the article that they are linked to and that are eye-catching. The Illustrations Editor works on multiple sections so needs flexibility and creativity. If you have a talent for illustrating, apply now with an example of your work.

Advertising Officers

All newspapers need to source lots of advertising to create a regular revenue stream to keep the paper functioning in print and online. We’re looking for two Advertising Officers to take charge of contacting lots of businesses, both local and national, forging contacts and attracting advertising, in order to keep the paper in great financial shape.

Publicity Officer

We’re looking for an enthusiastic Publicity Officer to promote Palatinate‘s website, newspaper, and meetings. Communication and creativity skills are essential for the role.

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