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It goes without saying that the NHS has been severely under-appreciated. Unfortunately, it has taken a global health crisis to make us realise its value. The tireless work done by the NHS to try to suppress the coronavirus has been nothing less than miraculous.

We all have our own individual reasons for wanting to help our NHS. From helping me as a premature baby, to fixing my broken wrist in time to play my last lacrosse match for Habs, the NHS has played such a large part in all of our lives: It deserves our support now more than ever. In an attempt to help in every way I can, I have started Threads of Change to raise money.

I decided that I wanted to donate the money that I saved from the last week of 2nd term being cancelled to the NHS and other charities. Although I knew that this was a kind gesture, I wanted to take
it further. I instead decided that I wanted to invest this money, with the aim of doubling my donation.

Additionally, I wanted to raise money for Alzheimer’s Society. In 2012, my grandad passed away from Alzheimer’s and I witnessed first-hand the devastating effects that it can have on a family. Alzheimer’s Society funds research and helps Alzheimer’s sufferers and their families during their fight with the illness.

Personalised clothing has become extremely popular over the last few months. At the beginning of lockdown, I personalised my favourite
pair of jeans and thus the idea for ‘Threads of Change’ was born.

Over the last few weeks I have been creating and selling stylish hand-embroidered clothing and accessories. All profits have been donated to charities, starting off with the NHS and Alzheimer’s Society. I have designed a sweatshirt featuring a rainbow, which has become symbolic in showing how the NHS has provided a ray of light in these metaphorically stormy times and a sweatshirt that features forget-me-nots, a symbol of remembrance for my grandad.

These two designs also feature on a collection of bags and all of
the profits made from selling these sweatshirts and bags will go straight towards the NHS Charities Together fundraising page and Alzheimer’s Society.

I would love to be able to donate a thousand pounds in order to
show our thanks towards the NHS and medical staff working within Alzheimer’s Society.

I would also love to develop this idea and branch out to other charities that deserve our praise and support, so please follow our
Instagram and Facebook pages @threads_of_change_ to send any
feedback and take a look at our website

Images: Threads of Change

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