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As the only curly-haired girl in my family, it was a struggle growing up with little to no advice on how to manage my locks. I look back on photos of when I was younger and laugh at how feral I looked just because I had no idea as to how to manage it. I remember vividly asking my mum for a pair of straighteners just to look like ‘all the other girls’. It is a horrible feeling not liking a certain aspect of your body and not knowing how to rectify it, especially as hair can be such a defining feature for so many people. However, now I recognise how lucky I am and how beautiful naturally curly hair is and can be (with the correct care!). In this article, I will share my tips and tricks to a haircare routine that resurrected my once fried strands.

Initial tips:
Firstly, it is imperative to acknowledge that curly hair is naturally drier than straight hair, so you need to use more moisturising products, and cut out drying products. So, stay clear of parabens in hair care products. Another thing you immediately need to throw away is dry shampoo. Not only is it toxic beyond belief, but it strips the hair of its natural oils and makes a horrible and thick wax that can build up over time. I know, I can already hear the groans because it’s so damn convenient, my apologies.

Get regular hair trims:
Resurrecting your curls is a process which can take months, so start this process off by getting a haircut to get rid of the split ends. Ask your hairdresser to cut off as much as they recommend, after all, they’re the experts. It may be daunting having shorter hair at first, but it will grow faster as you start to care for it more, I promise! Try to have a haircut every twelve weeks.

Use a hydrating shampoo and conditioner:
Whilst those big brands in Tesco have some very affordable options, you need to invest in your shampoo and conditioner to start seeing a difference in frizz and the overall condition of your hair. As I said before, try to avoid parabens. Many people suggest avoiding sulphates too, but don’t take too much notice of this as the body naturally makes sulphates itself. I really like the Matrix Food for Soft, as it is super hydrating and not too expensive. I usually keep an eye on Vinted for these products as they’re even cheaper on there!

Implement hair oil into your hair care routine:
Rightfully so, hair oiling was one of the biggest beauty trends last year. Whilst rosemary oil is one of the most popular hair oils, I really recommend peppermint hair oil. Ultimately, you need a healthy scalp to grow healthy locks and peppermint oil is the best for improving the condition of your scalp. I have been using Mint Condition by Hair Syrup for months and it has changed my scalp and entire hair. Due to tea tree being an ingredient, if you have any scalp issues at all, this miracle in a bottle will clear them up, say goodbye to scalp eczema and psoriasis. My once dry and itchy scalp (thanks dry shampoo) has now been transformed because of this product. Due to the tingling sensation it causes, it also speeds up the process of hair growth. Distribute the product throughout your scalp and lengths and massage it in with a scalp massager (only a few pounds from amazon) and leave on for one to four hours before washing it out.

Post-wash care:
After washing, remember to lock in moisture with a leave in conditioner. I really recommend the matrix miracle creator spray. It is so hydrating and will leave your hair silky smooth. To further combat frizz, try to leave it to air dry in a loose plait or if you simply have to dry it, use a diffuser. Not only does a diffuser reduce frizz, but it keeps your curls in their natural formation. If you’re using any kind of heat to your hair, whether it be a hairdryer or a straightener, always use heat protectant spray.

Maintenance tips:
In between washes (try to get this down to twice a week, if you’re really struggling with this, invest in Lemon-Aid by Hair Syrup, it will reduce oil to no end), make sure you are keeping your hair healthy and hydrated. To do this, maybe spray a few spritzes of leave-in conditioner before bed and run Moroccan oil through your lengths. Not only is this the most smoothing oil I have ever used, but it also smells the best.

Whilst I acknowledge everyone’s hair is different, this is what works for me. Hair is such a personal thing, and it really can make or break how you feel about yourself.

The long and short of it is this, invest your money and time into your hair and you will start seeing the results before you know it. I am still far from perfecting my routine and having perfect locks, but this is a good place for me and you to start, and I am open to any other suggestions!

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