The Invisible Woman


I saw an invisible woman today
She was wearing TV face with the emotion: ‘cheerful’.
Her mouth commented on the British weather
Whilst her hands said
‘Time to go’
Her brain dishing out it’s scripted lines with coffee time precision

I met an invisible woman today
I didn’t see her
Just another feature face framed by and excess of live
The spotted umbrella
The statement earring
The sanguine bag
There and then gone

I saw an invisible woman today
For one moment black and white on the neon of city life
If I’d know where she was going…

I met an invisible woman today
She was brusque, brisk, and brightly dressed in dark colours
Suitable for all the jobs she didn’t have
She was quick to laugh but slow to smile her face curved with waiting potential
University taught but internet educated
A 20 something soon to be 50 something
Retirement a dream, an ever moving goalpost

I saw an invisible woman today
And she saw me
As if through a mirror I surveyed my future
Noticing every line on her crinkled face
One for each sleepless night spent on unpaid work

I saw and invisible woman today and now I can’t unsee
The look of no tomorrow apparent in every gesture

And my invisible woman
One of hundreds, no, thousands of waiting corpses
Corpses waiting to live

I look at my watch
I’ll be different

Image: Anthony Kelly via Flickr

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