Team Disney Vs Team Nickelodeon: Team Disney


Disney channel vs Nickelodeon. An age-old rivalry. Like team Edward or Jacob, or Peeta vs Gale, there has to be one superior. It is finally time to admit that Disney Channel is and always will be the front runner of young people’s television and I’m going to tell you why. 

Since the recent 15 year anniversary of Disney Channel’s famous series Hannah Montana, it dawned upon me how influential Disney Channel was on my own childhood, as well as for millions of others. With shows such as Suite Life of Zack and CodyWizards of Waverly Place and That’s So Raven; Disney Channel offered nothing but entertainment for many years of our lives.

I can safely say that it would be a rare occurrence for any university student of today to have never watched at least one of these shows, often finding ourselves reminiscing of the good times that they brought us from watching them or even re-watching them just because. A life without the influence of the Disney Channel would certainly have been a lot different for many of us, and I don’t think anything could quite live up to the quality of TV entertainment that is provided. 

Nickelodeon isn’t a part of a bigger brand or company like Disney Channel

Now don’t get me wrong, Nickelodeon didn’t stray from providing the goods; with timeless classics such as Drake & Josh and Zoey 101 to name a few. However, one cannot ignore the fact that Disney Channel is just an offshoot from Disney itself. Disney, an already world renowned company, brought some of our favourite Disney characters, as well as new ones, into its own channel, aimed at families and for ease of accessibility. Therefore, it will always be universally triumphant. Disney has always been known to bring a sense of magic and euphoria into children’s and people’s lives. We cannot forget that Mickey mouse, one of the original Disney characters, also had his own show on Disney Channel. 

That’s just it isn’t it, Disney is just far bigger and greater than Nickelodeon, and far more world-renowned. They had this unique, universal formula and they ran with it, and the Disney channel was just part of the concept. Nickelodeon isn’t a part of a bigger brand or company like Disney Channel; and whilst Nickelodeon Land does exist at Blackpool Pleasure Beach, it doesn’t quite live up to the numerous Disneyland’s or Disney World’s that we all know and love

Image: Walt Disney Television via Flickr

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