Summer Congregation postponed to April 2021

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Durham University’s Summer Congregation ceremony for graduating students has been rescheduled to April 2021, the University confirmed this morning.

The postponement of the ceremonies was initially announced by Vice Chancellor Professor Stuart Corbridge on 27th March, but today marks the confirmation of the rescheduled dates.

Students will graduate in Durham Cathedral in the week beginning 12th April 2021, towards the end of the Easter vacation of the 2020/21 academic year.

The exact timetable of ceremonies will be published in Michaelmas Term. Graduates will be contacted in February next year to register their attendance.

Graduates traditionally receive their degrees at Congregation in late June and early July, but the rescheduling of the ceremony means that degrees will instead be “legally conferred in absentia” on 4th August 2020.

“It’s a real shame that it’s still so far away”

MLAC final-year student

One final-year Modern Languages and Cultures (MLAC) undergraduate told Palatinate: “I’m glad that we’re finally going to get a Congregation ceremony, but it’s a real shame that it’s still so far away.

“Making us wait another ten months for a day that we’ve all worked towards for three or four years is very unfortunate, but admittedly, it just doesn’t feel right to be celebrating the end of our degrees when we’re still in the middle of a global pandemic.”

In an email to upcoming graduates sent at 5am this morning, the University’s Ceremonies Unit also asked students to register to confirm their contact details and address for the delivery of their degree documents.

Registration for the delivery of degree documents opens on Tuesday 16th June, and closes on Friday 17th July.

Durham University merchandise, which students can normally obtain during Congregation week to commemorate the end of their studies, will be available to order online until 28th July 2020, with a ten percent discount for graduating students. This includes, clothing, stationery, and other items such as pins, cufflinks and soft toys.

Most students will receive their results between 15-17th July

The announcement comes a day after the University revealed when students can expect to receive their results this summer.

In an email to students on Monday (8th), the Examinations and Assessment Manager Peter Fieldhouse wrote: “The health and well being of staff and students is the priority of the University.

“In order to ensure the safe working conditions of staff working from home, assessment marking, the processing of marks, their confirmation and the preparation of students will take considerably longer than usual.”

Most undergraduates in their second, third or fourth years will receive their results between the 15th and 17th July. Foundation year students will receive their results in June, while first-year undergraduates, whose studies this year are preliminary, will learn their results last, in August.

All undergraduate students normally receive their results in the third or fourth week of June. As usual, a student’s date and time for their results depends on their course of study and year group. Students can access the detailed timetable of results publication here.

Since March, the coronavirus pandemic has seen Durham University move all its teaching temporarily online, including examinations, which were sat remotely by students over 48-hour periods. This year’s results will be subject to a ‘no-detriment policy’, such that students’ marks obtained during the pandemic can only raise and never lower their final degree classifications.

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