Students threaten to protest at University open days


Students have threatened to protest at University open days in March if executive staff do not respond to demands made by students in yesterday’s accommodation fees protest.

The protest, which was attended by 140 students at its peak, saw protestors demand a two-year freeze of college accommodation fees (which are set to increase by 8.5% next year), greater transparency from the University and reform of the University’s governing structures so that students are involved in the setting of accommodation fees.

In a statement, Durham Students for University Reform said:

“The university is the biggest landlord in Durham and its actions have caused a spike in private rents in the city. We are calling on the acting Vice-Chancellor and the candidates to his succession to commit to freezing college accommodation fees.

“If the University does not respond, Durham Students for University Reform are considering further action such as a boycott of the National Student Survey and action during University Open Days in March.”

Dan Slavin, President of Durham Students’ Union, joined protestors outside the Bill Bryson Library yesterday, saying:

“I’m pleased to see so many people here today. This shows that Durham students aren’t apathetic.

“It is important that students can show that they feel annoyed at the University and I hope that this brings about change.”



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  • That’s a pretty good idea for a protest

    best of luck to you


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