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Amidst a period of shop closures and takeaway deliveries only, eating-out has never felt like such a luxury before. For me, it has become my most favourite part of the week and with recent closures in Durham City Centre such as the beloved Esquires Coffee, and other cafes such as Cafédral and Claypath Delicatessen telling Palatinate about their struggles amidst this third lockdown, supporting local businesses has never been so important.

Mr Bojangles Coffee Shop, situated on Saddler Street just by Subway, is a new addition to Durham’s friendly hospitality centre. A city known for its brunch and coffee spots, Bojangles is a sure addition to the overwhelming amount of choice we are so lucky to have. Its prime location makes it the perfect spot to pick up a coffee or lunch whilst on your way to the library – and hopefully one day – lectures.

I took a few of my housemates along with me so we could experience a variety of the menu. As someone who eats a usually totally plant-based diet (temptations such as chocolate do make it tricky to be strict), the range of vegan options available at Bojangles is fantastic. With many plant-based milks to choose from and the packaging of all takeaway coffee and food being made from cardboard, it’s clear that sustainability and low-waste is already a priority. The staff were incredibly friendly and very understanding of any dietary needs and preferences, making the experience whilst in the shop (although short due to Covid-19) extremely pleasurable. They even gave us a free Kinder Bueno waffle which was honestly one of the best things I’ve ever eaten and we managed to share it between four people!

The staff were incredibly friendly and very understanding of any dietary needs and preferences

With a range of options, the perhaps most iconic of their delicacies are their bagels and waffles. I broke my veganism to have a smoked-salmon, cream-cheese bagel (don’t judge me, it had been a long week and I had cravings that needed to be fulfilled) and with the already incredibly cheap prices along with student discount, the bagel was filled to the brim and I was full for the rest of the day. The cafe is most definitely student-friendly in this regard, with its food not only being delicious but also very friendly to your bank account. My only criticism is that there was not a major selection of drinks such as iced coffee or syrups, however, I am sure that these could be more of a summer delicacy and with it being a totally brand-new cafe opening during a pandemic, I can understand why these might not be an option yet.

I asked my friends to give their reviews:

Eden- The spiced chicken pineapple wrap was absolutely gorgeous, super filling and great value for money (£3.15 with student discount) and the staff were super friendly. I can’t fault the food at all, all I would suggest improvement-wise would be a little more personality with the decor!! Though I’m sure as such a new business that’s something that would change over time. Overall 9/10 would recommend it!

Mim- Had such a lovely lunch from Bojangles! My cappuccino was a really decent size for the price and the selection of bagels are amazing! Went for the smoked salmon and egg bagel which was super filling and also super cheap! Great service from a very smiley staff, would definitely recommend.

Ale- The Smokie Bagel hit the spot just right! It was super filling and absolutely fabulous for a lunchtime treat. I also got a cappuccino which complemented the bagel perfectly.

Overall, I would absolutely recommend Bojangles for your next coffee shop treat, and do be sure to check it out in the city centre.

For more information, check out the Instagram and Facebook pages for Mr. Bojangles.


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