Review: Flat White


Having heard the hype, I too was curious to venture down the grimy alleyway
and breathe a sigh of relief that, rather than stumbling to Klute, I was in fact heading
though the doors of Durham’s latest addition to the café scene, Flat White.

After paying several visits to Chapters and finding it rather overpriced, with
the quality of the food not quite living up to its expensive price tag, I was wary about
my looming lunch experience. However, after allowing myself time to fully
appreciate the décor (think vintage Singer sewing machines, eclectic furniture, rows
of gleaming antique mirrors and enough floral to rival Cath Kidston), I breathed a
sigh of relief when my eye was caught by row upon row of very reasonable prices, as
well as row upon row of delicious sounding café food.
For a measly £5 taken from my humble student loan, I was able to purchase
a hearty bowl of soup, a hot chocolate bedecked with mini marshmallows, and a
strawberry and cream cupcake (whose frosting was, I kid you not, one of the most
gorgeous experiences of my life). When I wasn’t stuffing food into my mouth whilst
also trying to look cool in front of the two rather dapper looking males working
behind the counter, I was basking in the ambience of the place, relishing the sounds
of people enjoying their lunch amidst a constant stream of relaxing music such as Jeff
Buckley and Jack Johnson, finding myself wishing that my 2:15 lecture would, quite
frankly, get stuffed.
Upon leaving the charms of Flat White, I actually felt a pang of sadness,
and found myself dreaming of that feather light frosting when I should have been
concentrating on the works of Herman Melville. I know Durham, like any university
town, prides itself on an extensive offering of kitschy cafes, however I implore you
to give Flat White a try, as with regards to price, atmosphere, and food, it really does
hold itself head and shoulders above the rest.