Remains of Durham alumna Esther Dingley found in the Pyrenees


The charity LBT Global has confirmed that human remains found last week are a match for Esther Dingley, who was last seen on the 22nd November 2020 while on a solo trek in the Pyrenees.

Her remains were found near the French-Spanish border at Port de la Glera – close to where Dingley last contacted her partner Daniel Colegate at 4 pm on the 22nd of November.

The 37-year-old graduated from Durham University with a Master’s degree in Research Methodology in 2009.

Since 2014 Colegate and Dingley had been travelling Europe in a campervan while blogging the process on

“It is devastating beyond words”


In February Colegate said that the police were considering explanations beyond a mountain accident because of the good weather, Dingley’s extensive hiking experience, and her route’s terrain.

In a joint statement, Dingley’s mother Ria Bryant and Colegate said: “We have all known for many months that the chance we would get to hug our beloved Esther again, to feel her warm hand in ours, to see her beautiful smile and to watch the room light up again whenever she arrived was tiny, but with this confirmation that small hope has now faded.

“It is devastating beyond words.

“At this stage, with just a single bone found and no sign of equipment or clothing in the immediate area (which has been closely searched again over several days), the details of what happened and where still remain unknown.”

Image: Daily Mirror

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