Reading Resolutions for 2023

By Emily Doughty

Looking back on my reading journey in 2022 leaves only one word in my mind: Disappointing. Despite having more time on my hands than I have had in the last three years I have found myself unable to find the time to read anything past three books, most of which were done on holiday. 

It’s not because I have fallen out of love with reading, (what could beat the wonder of a fictional world? Or the knowledge that can be gained from a good non-fiction book?) I just have found myself doing other things over it.

Whenever I have had time on my hands to take time for myself I have been more drawn to my phone and the world of TikTok, Instagram and Twitter than picking up a book. TikTok with its short video content has somehow tricked my brain into thinking it will take less time, while in reality, my screen time will show I spent a shocking amount of time on that app. More importantly, more time than I would have spent reading. 

So what is my reading New Year’s resolution? It’s simple; read more

As we head into 2023 I want to set myself reading resolutions. A way to hold myself accountable going into the year and improve my reading habits. 

So what is my reading New Year’s resolution? It’s simple; read more. Take the time out of my day which I would have spent doom scrolling on Twitter, or attempting to desperately do an essay for my degree, and read. If this means blocking ten minutes out of the day to do it or putting parental locks on certain apps on my phone, so be it. 2023 will not be like 2022, I will actually finish a book within a term. 

 I also want to explore new genres in 2023, exploring different books. I refuse to read classics only for the fact that they are classics or read a book from a genre just because I have read it before. In 2022 the times I have finished a book it’s always been reading something that would defy my genre expectations. I am a humanities student with an understanding of science that would make a physicist faint in shock, but my favourite read of 2022 was The Martian

2023 is the time I clear out my reading bookshelf of shame

2023 will be the year I break out of the fictional categories I have been keeping myself to and start exploring all that literature offers. I will attempt to take every new recommendation given to me, expanding on what I would read. Even if I don’t end up enjoying it, at least I can say I have tried and never read that genre again. 

However, I will also attempt to clear my bookshelves of the books which I take forwards and backwards every term. I will no longer be defeated by All the President’s Men or The King of Scars, two books which have travelled between locations, unread, more than I dare to admit. 2023 is the time I clear out my reading bookshelf of shame and read the ghosts that I refuse to let follow me into 2024, or even 2025. 

A new year is a time for new beginnings so while I won’t be attempting to finish War and Peace or any books remotely related to maths or science I will try and explore other genres. I will also get rid of the ghosts of 2022 and finish the books that have followed. 

Ultimately in 2023, I will read again. 

Image Credit: Dipankan001 via Wikimedia Commons

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