Preview: Saucy Jack and the Space Vixens

Poster 2 interviews Jubilee Climax (Elissa Churchill), Bunny Lingus (Izzy Osborne), Anna Labia (Lara Dolden) from tdtc’s upcoming production of ‘Saucy Jack and the Space Vixens’,


What’s so saucy about Jack and who are his Space Vixens?

Lara Dolden (Anna Labia): Jack is the owner of the sauciest bar in the galaxy, complete with a sordid past. Saucy Jack’s is a place where people to go hide their darkest, dirtiest secrets; not dissimilar to a futuristic Klute.

Izzy Osborne (Bunny Lingus): The Space Vixens are saucy space cops, with loads of sass. We don’t take shit from no man!


This doesn’t sound like a typical musical; what should the audience expect from it?

IO: Disco, raunchy dancing, innuendo and tons of glitter.

LD: Half-naked men, thigh-high boots, and a lot of cheese.

Elissa Churchill (Jubilee Climax): It’s pretty much Rocky Horror set in Space.


If this is a sci-fi musical, do you think the audience will really be able to relate to any of the characters? Or this more about pure entertainment?

IO: There is nothing relatable in the whole of this musical. It’s entirely for the purposes of entertainment; it doesn’t take itself seriously and the audience shouldn’t either.

LD: Well Sammy and Anna’s awkward teenage romance is quite relatable…

EC: After seeing it at the Fringe this year, I just knew a Durham audience had to see it. For the first ten minutes I wasn’t quite sure what was going on, and then suddenly I was having the best time of my life. It is an incredibly joyful show, and by the end you just can’t help but get on your feet and dance!


Will you be playing around with gender in this show? Will you be celebrating ‘all sexualities being accepted in the future’, as was intended?

LD: In the original show, Booby’s character is played by a man dressed as a woman, whereas in our production a woman performs the part of Booby. In general the play promotes being comfortable with whatever gender and sexuality you are, which we have tried to ensure comes across in our production.

EC: Sexuality in the show is incredibly fluid – people are falling in love and lusting after everyone, and it’s all individually welcomed and celebrated. For me, it’s one of the best parts of the show, in that it throws all these freakish and eccentric individuals together, and celebrates all of them. Anything goes on planet Frottage III!


The music is supposed to be very electronic/ techno; will you be using a band with this in mind?

IO: The music is quite unique for the Durham theatre scene, and we didn’t think a band would work particularly well. We’re doing the musical as it was originally intended, so we are using a backing track. However, we will be singing – the audience is welcome to join in – and there will be a live saxophonist too!

Given its cabaret setting, do you think the Assembly Rooms will be an effective space to stage the show? Would a more unusual venue such as Empty Shop not have been more suitable?

IO: We considered setting the show in a more bar-like venue, but given the plethora of tech involved, the Assembly Rooms made for a much more practical venue. However, it won’t be the Assembly Rooms quite as you know it…

LD: We want to encourage the audience to feel like guests at a bar – don’t be put off by the idea of a formal theatre setting.

EC: Hatfield Bar will be open to welcome you from 7 p.m., so please come along to start the evening there – there might be a few surprises inside! However you will need your campus card, or to be accompanied by someone with a campus card.


What are some of the key qualities of a Space Vixen?

IO: Sassy and sexy.

LD: Never puts out for scum!

EC: Justice, whisky and disco.


Best Quote from the play?

Unanimous: ‘I need someone who will give me respect, independence, love and good head, and I don’t think that’s too much for anyone to ask.’ (Jubilee Climax)


The show promises ‘unadulterated funk’; will you be able to live up to this promise? How?

EC: The show is an unashamed celebration of all that glitters, and I think the cast is incredibly dedicated to doing this justice. The set, tech and costumes are going to be incredible. For example, we are building a catwalk out into the audience as part of the set, and I’ve never seen anything like that before in my time in Durham!

LD: Definitely, the show is outrageous.

IO: We’re not holding back.

EC: The show involves the audience from beginning to end; we want the people who come see the show to feel that they really are in a bar on the dark side of town, and that they can join in whenever they want to!

Fill in the gap: If you love ‘…………’, you’ll love ‘Saucy Jack and the Space Vixens’

LD: Cheesy music

EC: Magic tricks, fetish-wear and ball-bustin’ space cops

IO: And glitter!



Image: Dan Gosselin in association with SJSV Ltd.

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