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Raving Mask Theatre are presenting Willy Russell’s ‘Educating Rita’ in Castle MCR this week. This year marks the 35th year since the premier in 1980 starring the unforgettable Julie Walters as the Liverpudlian hairdresser Rita. As well as Raving Mask’s performance, Russell himself is directing a revival performance in Liverpool, the home of the play.

Raving Mask are excited to be back performing in Durham after their success at the Edinburgh Fringe with a student written production of The Noctambulist, which heralded five star reviews. They believe the story of Rita and Frank in this fabulously written play, is both touching and witty. Moreover the themes of education, its true value and the reality of its impact are relevant to all students even today.

Here, the cast and crew give Palatinate access to their dress rehearsal and make a few comments on the moments captured.



Frank explains once again that it requires time and effort to be as pretentious as he is, Train is relishing in such a role and has practised long and hard to achieve such a pout.



“Mr Russell has taken a look at two segments of English society and engineered a collision that is as full of regret as it is of promise… the deft moments of its best comedy are splendidly refreshing” – The Times




Meanwhile Frank receives an unwelcome call from the fashion police​, the Train style floral shirts are seeping there way onto the stage.



The role of Rita has allowed Lily Morgan to divulge her secret love for wearing obnoxious and garish clothing. It was not one she thought she would be able to enjoy in such conservative surroundings but is nonetheless loving it.




“simply a marvellous play, painfully funny and passionately serious; a hilarious social documentary; a fairy-tale with a quizzical, half-happy ending” – Sunday Times​


Photographs: Juliano Soares

Castle MCR, Friday 5th, Saturday 6th and Sunday 7th December at 7.30pm


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