Over 30% of Durham children estimated to live in child poverty


Data from the National Education Union has revealed that almost 5,000 children in Durham live below the poverty line.

The research, published as part of the Union’s “No Child Left Behind” campaign, showed that 31% of the City of Durham constituency’s child population lived in households with income lower than 60% of the national average. This is an increase from 27% in 2019 and 26% in 2017.

The statistics, which pinpointed the exact number of 4,689 children in child poverty, were highlighted by City of Durham MP Mary Foy, who voiced her support for the campaign on social media yesterday.

“Child poverty is on the rise. Between 2019 and 2020, 200,000 more children were pushed into poverty.”

-National Education Union

The statistics in Durham are part of a wider trend across the country, with child poverty increasing as a higher percentage of children live in lower-income households. The NEU also predicts that another 730,000 children will be in child poverty by 2024.

Neighbouring constituencies saw similar proportions, with North West Durham reporting 31.8% of its child population in poverty, and Houghton and Sunderland South reporting 35%.

“It is awful to see the growth of child poverty in Durham. 31% is a staggering statistic and will impact on children’s life chances.”

-Mary Foy MP

To counter the issue of child poverty, the NEU has called for an expansion of the Free School Meals program. Their website, and the statistics, can be found here.


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