New Elvet Bridge to close for up to 14 months for repairs


In a project costing 7.5m, Durham’s New Elvet Bridge is to close from the 20th July for up to 14 months, due to an “essential” set of repairs. 

The bridge was built in 1975 in order to relieve traffic from Old Elvet Bridge, and is crossed by an estimated 17,000 vehicles per day. 

The repairs will include the supporting and lifting of the central section of the bridge. The bridge deck will also be waterproofed and resurfaced to extend the life of the bridge. 

In addition, drainage systems will be improved and concrete surfaces renewed. 

Brian Stephens, cabinet member for neighbourhoods and local partnerships said that: “Although there will be major disruption while these works are carried out, it is essential that this work is undertaken. 

“We would encourage people to avoid travelling through the city during peak travel times if possible and to plan extra time for their journeys. 

“Hopefully, with more people now working from home, it will be easier to manage the delays and disruption during peak times.

“Alongside the improvements to Milburngate and plans for the bus station, these significant repairs to New Elvet Bridge will help to bring about many benefits to Durham and we will still look forward to welcoming more visitors once restrictions start to ease and we start to recover from the effects of the coronavirus.”

Durham Council has been awarded £4.238 million towards the cost of the repairs, which it says will bring the opportunity for further development of Durham city.

“It is essential that this work is undertaken.”

Brian Stephens

As one of the main thoroughfares through the city, connecting the east and west of the city, Durham county council expects the repairs to cause some disruption. 

In response, recommended diversions from different parts of the country are available here.

Image: Paul Burroughs via Flickr

One thought on “New Elvet Bridge to close for up to 14 months for repairs

  • Does this mean that the river will be closed at the bridge ??
    I was at Bede while it was being built and it meant for that year Durham Regatta and other events was rowed over the Short Course only


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