Man seen in blackface not a Durham University student


A man seen in a video in blackface posted by a Durham University Society President on social media is not a Durham University student.

The University told the BBC that an internal investigation found that the white man, who was seen at a party with his face painted black in order to resemble singer Kanye West, is not a student at the University.

A University spokesman said they are still looking into the circumstances of how the video was posted.

They said: “We have investigated this social media post and it appears that the individual featured is not a Durham University student.”

In a statement published following the publishing of the video online, the University said: “Racism has no place at Durham University, and we believe everybody has the right to live, work and study in a safe, respectful and inclusive environment.”

The University condemned the post, saying it “violates the values and behaviours that we uphold as a University community.”

“Any of our students who have been affected by this social media activity are advised to contact their college or our student support and wellbeing team for help and support.”

“Our students are regularly reminded to display positive and collegial conduct, and exercise responsibility and respect for others, particularly through their social media interactions.”

Last week, an investigation by Palatinate found that between October 2019 and February 2021, hate incidents based on race were the most common type of offence reported to Durham University using the Report and Support tool, accounting for 21% of reports.


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