love me en español

By Nicole Ruf

Love me en español,

and if you cannot, love me still,

love me in the gentle stumble of my speech,

and over-accentuated Rs. 

Love me in the chaos of lost translations,

subtleties go unnoticed, 

emotions and jokes unsaid.

Love me in the pulse of drums beneath my skin,

I am the offspring of revolutionaries,

the voice of dissent, resistance, 

and discontent we never quite seem to identify. 

Love me unpunctual,

where time ebbs like the tide,

like whispers through ancient mountains,

and the flow of the Amazon’s veins. 

Love me with the colour that paints my world,

a tapestry, duality woven together,

every hue carries the weight of centuries.

Love me in stubbornness, 

that shields fragile dreams from harsh realities, 

from the fear of what they’ll say. 

Love me in restlessness, 

roaming for home, far away from it, 

I am forever caught between two worlds.  

Love me in homesickness, 

my heart lingers in the place I left,  

and I miss my mother’s food. 

Love me in spanish, if you can,

with rhythm, with soul,

porque en español soy completa.

Love me in spanish, por favor. 

Image Credit: John Singer Sargent via WikiMedia Commons

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