‘Life Is Flux’: Revival Charity Fashion Show returns


Durham University is known for its wildly popular charity fashion shows, and The Revival Charity Fashion Show are coming in strong this term with a new vision and creative collaboration to fundraise for Stormbreak Charity.

Palatinate had the pleasure of interviewing Revival’s presidential team, Beth Bradbury, Imo Tutt and Chang Mai Hardcastle to tell us more about Stormbreak, the Revival community and what to expect from this year’s show.

Revival’s theme this year is ‘Life Is Flux’, which is a reference to Heraclitus who said that the only constant in life is change. It aims to explore what creativity looks like in the face of social and political upheaval, and how we can use this creativity as a tool to face generational challenges. Each act of the show will emphasise environmentalism and a sustainable rebirth of the world.

The cohesive and engaging show will leave people feeling a sense of solidarity and community going forward in a world that often causes uncertainty and anxiety. However, The Revival is not just about the show itself!

The Revival have made confidence and comfort a priority in their recruitment process, creating a safe space where anyone feels as though they can get involved, regardless of experience and interests.

And now with an enthusiastic collaboration of more than 80 exec members and models combined, the energy and excitement towards the show is palpable. It is the combination of everyone’s talents and strengths that have created the strong foundations of the Revival community and made the show everything it is.

There is a strong emphasis on creating a community within the university and The Revival wants to create spaces for people to come together and engage in activities, regardless of whether fashion shows are a direct interest to them. Last term, The Revival delivered open mic nights, a henna afternoon, student run DJ events and much more, all of which enabled students to express their creativity and have others share the abundance of talent students have to offer.

“I want to use it as an opportunity to explore, not only my individual identity, but the collective student identity in Durham and our generation”

Chang Mai Hardcastle

This term you can expect more exciting collaborations with student communities that share the same values as The Revival. The aim is to spread community passion and creativity to help form genuine connections amongst the wider student community.

Stormbreak is the chosen charity this year, which is a children’s mental health charity aimed at 4-11 year olds. It takes a preventative stance to try and normalise talking about mental health with children from a young age. They encourage active breaks to help people connect with themselves and their emotions, referred to as ’stormbreaking’, a technique that The Revival team have implemented amongst their own team.

Stormbreak believe that everyone matters. They focus on helping children build healthy relationships, feel valued by improving their self-worth, understand self-care, boost their resilience and find ways to feel hopeful. As a small charity, Martin the CEO, emphasised how the money fundraised by The Revival and students will help to provide support services for the children and adults that work with them, and specifically aid the delivery of the Stormbreak Shine programmes in primary schools.

The Revival is more than just a fashion show, and it is clear that the team this year are using their platform to relay an important and creative message to the wider community, whilst also weaving key mental health concepts into the vision.

“I think our team are so passionate about Stormbreak because it is something we all wish we had”

Beth Bradbury

You can become part of this collective community and student identity this year and make sure you have the Stormbreak approach in you and your friends!

Here is the JustGiving link to donate to Stormbreak via The Revival Fashion Show – Stormbreak Donation.

Show dates are the 9th and 10th of February and tickets are now available via Fixr.

Image Credits: The Revival Fashion Show

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