Library collects £150,000 in fines from forgetful students



The University has collected over £150,000 in library fines over the past two academic years from forgetful students.

£78,979 and £72,351 was paid in fines by students in 2017/18 and 2018/19 respectively.

Professor Janet Stewart, Executive Dean (Arts & Humanities), expects these numbers to decrease in the future: “The total amount collected in library fines has been decreasing year on year, from £107,000 in 2015/16 to approximately £72,300 in 2018/19, a trend which we expect will continue in the future as overall print loans reduce in number.”

These figures account for only an average total fine for each student of £4.38 and £3.87.

However, students have told Palatinate a different story. One third-year student admitted to paying a £73 library fine for late fees on nine books during Easter Term and another had to pay for a book they had lost.

The fines paid by students are invested into library operations to “enhance the educational experience” of students and other library users.

Professor Steward commented: “the use of funds include the purchase of information resources and the upgrading of audio equipment in group study rooms.”

Fines range from £1 per hour late on 3-hour loan book to 20p per day for a standard loan. Multiple students have told Palatinate of fines ranging from £2 to £3 due to this standard loan charge, mainly as a result of forgetting to return books or renew them over the holidays.

Image by Maddie Flisher

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