LGBT+ TV shows which require little concentration


In the first of our series on LGBT+ TV shows, takes a look at the shows which are an easy watch but still provide all the feels.

  • Supergirl – Yes, we know, it comes from the CW who murder everything from Arrow to The Vampire Diaries, but aliens and the hot actors make this show worth a chance. It features Supergirl’s sister Alex, who struggles with her sexuality until coming out to a pansexual alien who confusedly tries to understand her situation.
  • Shadowhunters (Netflix) – Truly trashy TV, this show takes on the Mortal Instruments book series. They may have ruined 70% of the original content, but the remaining 30% is mostly watchable. This includes a superb coming-out journey from brooding protagonist Alec, who fancies himself a brilliantly camp warlock.
  • The Fosters – If you want something heart-warming and family-centric then look no further. Based around foster-kid Callie and her new family, led by mums Lena and Stef, it approaches the relatively untapped subjects surrounding teenage adoption. Plus J-Lo produces this show. If that isn’t a badge of light-drama approval, what is?
“No, we don’t believe you when you say you don’t find Teen Wolf’s Dylan O’Brian attractive” Photograph: Gage Skidmore
  • Teen Wolf (Netflix) – This is perfect high-school fantasy fodder. Werewolves before calculus and hunters after lunch; a different token gay guy each season and all with sarcasm galore. No, we don’t believe you when you say you don’t find Dylan O’Brian attractive.
  • Pretty Little Liars (Netflix) – We know; you gave up on Pretty Little Liars two seasons in. It’s on Netflix now though so perhaps worth a weekend binge. Don’t worry, we don’t think even the writers can keep the storylines straight in their minds anymore. At least the clothes have gotten better (yes, even main character Emily has managed to outgrow her stereotypical ‘lesbian sporty wardrobe’).
  • Modern Family – The humour covers everything from teenage-angst to dad jokes. What’s not to love? Definitely not the endearing family struggles and ridiculous arguments. Ever-amusing spouses Cam and Mitch will have you in tears. This is where you turn for endless laughs.
Heather Morris stars as bisexual Brittany Pierce in Glee. Photograph: vagueonthehow
  • Glee – Now over, the songs of this show got people into singing before Pitch Perfect was even a glimmer in someone’s eye. Sexual discovery was always a character on the show, with everything from flaunted gayness to confused bisexuality to gender-transition playing a role in the characters’ stories. Ever-charming, this show warms even the coldest of souls. Often by annoying them, but even so.
  • Dawson’s Creek – Premiering in 1998, this is heartfelt happiness in 40-minute bundles. Drama, yes, but cutesy turn of the century clothes and arguments too. Jack, the show’s token gay character, may only arrive in the second season, but the show made up for it by airing the first gay kiss on American network TV. Ever. Not bad.

Next week: LGBT+ TV shows for when you’re after solid drama

Photograph: Dominick D

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