LGBT+ TV shows for when you’re after solid drama


When you’re looking for high-stakes drama along with proper LGBT+ representation, you might want to try:

  • The 100 (Amazon Prime) –Based 100 years into the future, humanity is balanced between civil war and danger from radiation. With one of TV’s only bisexual protagonists, the brilliant acting from the central cast makes this show unique. It’s on Amazon Prime, give it a go. You can thank us later.
  • Jane the Virgin – It won a Golden Globe last year for best actress in a Comedy or Musical so no, I’m not going to defend it from airing on the CW. The Golden Globe speaks for itself. Based on Jane, who is artificially inseminated by her first love’s lesbian sister, this telenovela is ever-quick and self-aware; a hilarious but still intelligent watch.
  • Scandal – If you haven’t started watching the produce of feminist goddess and founder of ShondaLand Shonda Rhimes, then you’re wasting any time you spend watching TV. Not only does she include protagonists of all races and sexualities in her shows, it never becomes a plot device. How novel. Scandal focuses on Olivia Pope, a ‘fixer’ who makes political PR nightmares disappear, whilst strutting her stuff with the handbag collection from heaven.

    Viola Davis stars as bisexual law professor Annalise Keating in ‘How to Get Away with Murder’
  • Grey’s Anatomy – Shondaland’s first success, Grey’s is on its 13th season for a reason, folks. Meredith Grey starts out as an intern in Seattle Grace hospital to find most of the drama happens outside of the operating room. Don’t let the amount of catching up intimidate you; if you start now you’ll be up to date by the time you graduate (talking to Freshers only; third years, you’re screwed).
  • How to Get Away with Murder (Netflix) – Shonda’s bravest drama to date, this show deals with Annalise Keating, a bisexual law professor played by Viola Davis. Teaching Criminal Law, she ends up putting her teaching into practice when things get a bit, well, murderous.
  • The Catch – Another Shondaland show, this one flies more under the radar. It deals with a Private Investigator who finds out her fiancé is the fraudster she’s been looking for. Solid entertainment, but we recommend you finish the other three Shondaland offerings first.

    Pansexual Franky Fitzgerald is played by Dakota Blue Richards in Skins. Photograph: Jack Alexander.
  • Skins (Netflix) – The ultimate coming-of-age show, Skins taught many of us what ‘gritty’ means. Its cast was replaced each two years, each featuring a range of temperaments and sexualities (almost like it was trying to create TV that represented real life.) Attacking controversial topics with vigour, its presence on Netflix means a re-watch is on the cards.
  • TorchwoodDoctor Who’s little brother, this TV show stars John Barrowman as everyone’s favourite bisexual alien hunter: Captain Jack Harkness.

Next week: LGBT+ TV shows for when you want true TV gold.

Photograph: Sarah E. Freeman

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