Landslide victory for Durham University Challenge Team


The Durham University Challenge team have beaten Brasenose College, Oxford on the latest episode of University challenge.

The episode, aired on 6th October on BBC 2, saw Durham score an incredible 250 points, while Brasenose scored 35 points. Durham University will now enter the second round of the competition.University-Challange-300x199

The University has previously won University Challenge in 1977 and 2000.


Photograph: Durham Student’s Union

3 thoughts on “Landslide victory for Durham University Challenge Team

  • Durham won the competition in 1997, not 1977. Great journalistic fact checking

  • Best answer of the night though was from the Brasenose contestant who looked rather abashed at having to say “Bastard” to Paxman. What an opportunity and well taken I say.


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