Klute ends contract with controversial security company

By Anna Marshall

Durham’s infamous Klute nightclub has changed security companies, ending it’s previous contract with Phoenix Security.

For the past two weeks, there has been a change at “the worst nightclub in Europe”, which is now using doormen from a more local security company. The incoming company already provides door supervisors to Fabio’s Bar, another well-established institution in Durham nightlife.

This transition sees a move away from Phoenix Security, who had previously been responsible for much of the security teams across Durham venues.

Based in Newcastle, Phoenix Security are a national company but their tactics have attracted criticism in Durham for being heavy-handed.

In March 2018 video footage emerged of a student being choked and hit by the bouncers working at Klute. Klute responded to the incident by promising to investigate it alongside the police. A review on Facebook from March states “I do NOT recommend anyone of color come here. Very aggressive and unprofessional security guards.” Also in March 2019 a group of bouncers were videoed punching a man who had taken a swim in the river Wear, which runs through Durham city.

Wipe your feet on the way out

A spokesperson for Klute has told Palatinate “I can confirm Klute has changed security company from Phoenix but would not like to discuss the reason why.” Klute has a carefully cultivated reputation for being the one of the worst nightclubs in Europe, with posters advertising “Wipe your feet on the way out”. The club attracted anger in 2012 when refurbishments were carried out, leading to a ‘Bring back real Klute’ boycott campaign.

Phoenix Security continues to provide security services for many other national brands, including JD Wetherspoons, McDonalds, Subway, Hilton, Travel Lodge, Holiday Inn, and many other businesses in Durham as well as nationally.

Pheonix Security have been contacted for comment.

Photograph by Arthur Dimsdale

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