Klute bouncer under fire over alleged racial slur

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A bouncer at Klute has been criticised for allegedly using a racial slur towards a student. Speaking to Palatinate, the student claimed that the bouncer called them a racial slur and repeatedly told them to “fuck off” outside the entrance to the nightclub.

Klute has been contacted for comment, but did not respond. The club does not directly hire bouncers; they are provided by an external security company.

Initially, the bouncer allegedly shouted: “What part of the English language do you not understand?” to the student when telling the queue to move backwards. The student said that the situation escalated then when the bouncer used the racial slur and the student challenged him on his behaviour.

“Eventually it had attracted enough attention for it to be bad press for them to not let me in, so they eventually let me in after having a calmer conversation with the same bouncer”, the student claimed.

“I said that’s an extremely racially motivated statement and he kept screaming at me, ‘don’t you pull the race card’.”

The student said that the manager then came out and said that “he’s always going to believe his staff over me and he didn’t believe me”.

A witness of the incident claimed to Palatinate that: “For the next maybe 35 minutes [the student] was trying to get hold of different members of staff and I heard them describing what had happened and appealing her case”.

The incident allegedly occurred on Sunday 6th February, less than one month after a bouncer was fired from Klute for blaming students’ own behaviour for widespread spiking around Durham.


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