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In the words of Leandra Medine (a.k.a The Man Repeller), “Good fashion is about pleasing women, not men” or vice versa for those style-conscious gents amongst the Palatinate Fashion readership. Nevertheless, in the name of curiosity we’ve decided to delve into the minds of our respective counterparts to see just what the opposite sex really think about each other’s sartorial sense. The result? It seems that the old saying, ‘Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus’ has never been so true when it comes to style.

The ContributorsKate Galilee – Fashion blogger, Maria Lauring – DUCFS Fashion Coordinator, Patrick Brennan – Palatinate Editor and an anonymous DURFC player.

Kim Kardashian


KG: This is pretty much the adult version of what I used to do to my tights when I was 15 and I’m not sure whether that makes me feel fond of this outfit or just concerned. Kanye, what did you do?

ML: Usually Kim’s style is on form, but this is just odd. It looks as if she’s been chased through barbed wire.

PB: I find it quite hard to take Kim Kardashian seriously; even more so when she actually forgets to take her baby with her when leaving a hotel. Leaving your newborn alone for a few minutes is borderline forgivable when you consider how long she must have left that two-piece in a moth-invested wardrobe.

DURFC: Has she been attacked by moths? Why aren’t her arms in her sleeves? Lets just say I think this lady needs to invest more time in mothballs than selfies.


Lupita Nyong’o


KG: I don’t think anything bad can possibly be said about this. Lupita has managed to look the image of minimalist elegance.

ML: Everything about Lupita’s look is right. So simple, so elegant – absolute perfection

PB: Lupita’s dress works on so many levels and the cape-effect is elegant yet impressive. The colour does clash terribly with the red carpet, a little short sighted, as I really can’t imagine anywhere elseyou could wear such a thing.

DURFC: Well it looks like she’s wearing the red carpet rather than walking on it. Also the whole thing is just a bit confusing. Is it a cape? Is it a dress? Both?


Blake Lively


KG: Anyone who has seen Blake’s new website Preserve can be certain that the style icon status she achieved in her Gossip Girl days is entirely the work of stylists. In this case, as with most of her outfits over the past couple of years, you can see what she’s going for but she doesn’t quite nail it.

ML: Blake is just so stunning and elegant, as always. The dress is flattering for her killer figure. However, I would maybe rethink the hairstyle and perhaps go for a more understated, less busy look to complement the amazing dress.

PB: What a show off, other people have to use the red carpet too you know, leave them some space! If you insist on adding quite so much extra material to your dress, at least have the courtesy to employ several off-duty bridesmaids to help you get around.

DURFC: This is fine, maybe a bit too cling film-y. Although I can’t say the colour reminds me of anything other than tinned tuna. And again what is this cape situation?


Emma Watson


KG: I love Emma Watson and I love this look. Two pieces are a fun and fresh alternative to a dress, and the longer length adds a touch of elegance. I wish we could see the leather jacket she wore with it because it totally seals the badass vibe she was going for.

ML: This is the epitome of effortless. I love how it’s classy but with a twist.

PB: Nowadays it’s pretty sacrilegious to claim Emma Watson is anything other than jaw-droppingly perfect, and luckily this picture gives me no reason to say anything otherwise. This is just the right combination of simple and intricate. Her perfection is getting tiresome.

DURFC: That’s a doily from my granny’s surely? And I think she’s missing a bit from the middle…


Pharrell Williams


KG: I didn’t know what to say when he first wore this out and I don’t know what to say now.  I guess the only person who can pull off an oversized crumpled hat is Pharrell Williams.

ML: It’s impossible to hate on Pharrell, but only he is allowed to get away with wearing that outfit.

PB: Pharrell doesn’t need a goofy hat to get noticed- he’s got his fashion lines and his enviable address book. But he just wouldn’t be him if he didn’t go that extra mile for *ahem* style’s sake. Truthfully, I don’t even notice the hat anymore; to me it’s just an extension of his head.

DURFC: The jeans/ jacket combination is absolutely fine, I just don’t get the hat, or his obsession with it. Maybe he’s hiding Robin Thicke in there?


Eddie Redmayne


KG: I know it’s easy to say a man in a well-fitting suit looks good, but Eddie Redmayne is totally working it. A bold, yet understated colour choice, fabulous shoes and a classic pop of colour with a pocket square.  All I can say is yes.

ML: Oh Eddie.

PB: Lord knows the skinny suit look is well overdue a stint as being ‘unfashionable’, but it hangs around nonetheless because the likes of Eddie Redmayne keep making it look so damn good.

DURFC: This I like, maybe the trousers are just a bit too skinny. My only bit of advice for Eddie would be to start squatting more.


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