How to dress for your Zoom Valentine’s date


Date outfits are often pondered on for hours but dating from your sofa is a whole new ball game. In the UK, this is our first Valentine’s Day affected by Coronavirus, so how do you come across as authentically yourself when you’re not even in the same room as your date? Whether or not this is a first date, a date early on in your relationship, or you and your partner have been together for years, Valentine’s Day is traditionally a special day in the calendar. 

To start off with some broader notions then – authenticity is important, be sure to wear something that shows off your personal style. However, remember that your date is more interested in you than in your outfit. Don’t spend too long deciding, yet it is helpful to make a slight effort at least! Also make sure to wear a cosy outfit – we all know that comfort is a top priority when sat on a Zoom call for hours.  

Alongside these basic, and rather obvious, suggestions, from a quick Google it turns out there are some technical aspects that professional fashionistas tell you to take into consideration. So, remember, avoid:

  • Large prints as they aren’t picked up well on your laptop.
  • Certain types of jewellery that may cause a glare on screen.
  • Colours that could wash you out – you’re the focus of this call.

There are of course different styles to wear for different types of Zoom dates, yes, I know, very sophisticated thinking here. Reflect on the type of date you’re going on:

Film date

If you have a low-key film night lined up, perhaps on Teleparty – formerly known as Netflix Party – you will want to dress rather comfortably. Leggings, trousers or joggers make a good trouser choice as you’ll be sat down for a couple of hours at least. Complete your outfit with a flashy shirt or top. One of the silver linings of Zoom is no one sees exactly what you’re wearing– they’ll never know you’re dressed so comfortably, with plenty of room for popcorn. Alternatively, wearing a casual dress works out as a good substitute for any sort of bottoms whatsoever!

Games night

A good shout for a double date is an online games night. Setting up a more relaxed evening, it makes sense to dress more casually. To make your outfit more uniquely you, spruce it up with some (non-glare-ish) jewellery. You can also make a distinctive choice by wearing a bold colour that stands out from your background, gaining compliments from the friends you’re spending your night with.

Dinner date

As the most formal of the dates mentioned in this article, why not go full out with your outfit? Eat Out to Help Out was probably the last time you went to a fancy restaurant, so a dress or a suit will make a welcome change from the mundane outfits of everyday lockdown life. Hints of red or pink are always a shout, it is Valentine’s Day, after all, might as well play up to the occasion. 

Galentine’s/Palentine’s Date

If you’re spending your Valentine’s Day with mate, this makes for the ultimate cosy Zoom call. Who cares what bottoms you’re wearing if no one can see them? I’d recommend going for a comfy pair of pyjama trousers to keep yourself snug throughout the evening. At the end of the day, comfort is key, I know for a fact I’ll be wearing my pyjamas with a funky jumper.

Image available via Austin Distel on Unsplash

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