Holidaying like the Royals

By Goya Verity

Most senior Royals spend their jet-setting lifestyle dealing with official engagements and business. However, like all humans, even the British Royal family need a holiday from time to time! We can count on their ability to choose the best holiday locations, and we hope that one day we will be able to visit these hotspots that hold the Royal seal of approval.


Balmoral Castle has been the Scottish holiday home to the Royal family since Victoria and Albert in 1852. Is it their love of haggis and whiskey that makes Balmoral the Royals’ annual summer escapade? Or is it the stunning backdrop of the highlands and majestic mountains which has called them back year after year? Hiking, golf, ranging, and salmon- fishing are all activities we can expect the Royals to engage in – luckily for us, these Highlands adventures are for everyone! Princess Eugenie once revealed that ‘Granny’ was most happy in the highlands, so we should aim for some feel-good adventuring in our back-doorstep outdoors while imitating the Royal lifestyle. Moreover, Scotland promotes sustainable and responsible tourism which we should all strive for alongside the Royal family in this current era.


Birthplace of the late Prince Philip, the Prince of Wales is known to be fond of this Greek heaven due to having “Greece in his blood” and has since been reported to spending time here in the summer months. The easy-to-reach Greek island is also notorious for its vibrant party scene and picturesque bays, and there are plentiful options for cultural engagement that do not break the bank. It seems like the most accessible summer spot for us out of all the Royal family’s holiday destinations.


The Royal family have had a long association with this Alpine resort in the Swiss Alps. Prince William and Harry first learnt to ski on these premium pistes, accompanied by Princess Diana, and subsequently, one of the cable cars is named “Prince of Wales”. These mountains can provide some of the finest skiing in Europe for seasonal visitors, so PalatinAlps should consider Klosters as the next resort for the University ski trip.


70 years go, Elizabeth Windsor embarked on a tour of the Commonwealth countries via Kenya as a princess and returned a Queen. The Queen remains loyal to this country where she found out about her ascension to the throne at the royal residence of Sagana Lodge – the Kenyan government’s wedding present to Her Majesty. Famed for its vast wildlife reserves, the incredible vibrations of the bush ruminating can indeed provide us with a trip of a lifetime. We recommend booking in advance and via a local expert and sustainable provider.


In this far-flung island hideaway in the seascape of St Vincent and the Grenadines, Royals have found Caribbean respite where paparazzi is prohibited. Diligent 24/7 security force patrol ensures the carefree island living, so it seems like the ideal refuge for relaxing Royals. Prince William and Kate have been known to rent a luxury villa for an eye-watering $27,000 per week. Still, Princess Margaret first fell in love with this tropical heaven. She was given a plot of land here as a wedding present from Colin Tennant, who purchased the island in the late 50s. The former royal residence is now available to rent, graduation holiday, anyone? We only wish we could enjoy it with them!


This isolated island in the Indian Ocean of jaw-dropping beauty seems like the perfect place to escape post-pandemic social anxiety, not to mention it being where the Cambridge’s spent their no-expense-spared honeymoon in 2011. We were surprised to learn that the Cambridge’s broke royal protocol by not leaving on the wedding day itself, as is custom; we would be giddy with excitement if booked to stay in one of eleven private villas on the island! George and Amal Clooney also spent their honeymoon in one of these exclusive hideouts, so we count the Seychelles as a Royal and celebrity-approved destination.

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