Four Types of People You’ll Find in the Library


So, here it is. A run-down of one of the most popular student haunts in Durham, the place to be at any time, any day of the week. Yes, the architectural maze and the gift that keeps on giving that is the Bill Bryson Library.

the architectural maze and the gift that keeps on giving, the Bill Bryson Library

A common past time of many of us library-goers is not actually working, but observing everyone else around us to question how unproductive we look in comparison to the next person. If this is not you, then I am afraid you are lying to yourself. So, from my own observations on the occasions that I have dragged myself to the library (mainly to people-watch) this is what I have learned:

  1. The Procrastinators: The number of people I see who are like-minded with me, and who are pretending to be productive quite frankly allows me to sleep at night. Fellow procrastinators, I salute you for being unashamedly unproductive and all in all, lazy. Whether you are napping, texting or avoiding any sense of responsibility in the library, the hub of studying, well done for being brave.

  2. The Browsers: To those of you who are in control of your lives enough to actually peruse the archives or the bookshelves in the library; who are you and how do you do this? The only times I have navigated the bookshelves are to spot any secret seats in the open ends of the shelves, and when, to my horror, there are none, the bookshelves help me to style out my incompetence. Tell me this; if you’re using the bookshelves are you actually trying to find a book, are you trying to find the will to live, or are you trying to hide from your summative essays?

  3. The Prepared: Some people come to the library equipped with the bare essentials, and others come on a camping expedition. Yep, these are the people so in control of their lives they actually bring sufficient food and drink to last them the duration they are in the library. Be it a tea flask, or a full-on kettle, you are the people I secretly aspire to be. And realistically, I have come to accept the fact that a vending machine chocolate bar does not constitute a decent dinner.

  4. The Studious: Now, don’t get me wrong, I hold out hope that there are a lot of people in the library who are genuinely being productive and who are working hard, not hardly working. And, these people are the subject of major envy. How can you pull an all-nighter and be productive, eyes glued to your laptop screen? I would love to know, and if you have any spare, please send some motivation my way!

Some people come to the library on a camping expedition

What have we learned from this? To be truthful, the Billy B is a hub of clever, but lazy people, counting down the seconds until they can get back into bed. But next time you’re in the library, ask yourself this: is there really a better place to binge-watch your favourite series?

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