Food & drink’s guide 2 food & drink societies (Part 2)

Do you like to eat? Do you like to drink? Well good news, Durham has many societies that main focus to enjoy the culinary side of life. Below are just some of the societies which have shared information about themselves. Find them at the Freshers’ Fair!


celebrates the artistry of champagne. But amongst this sentiment, at our core, we are a society that encourages the socialising of students across colleges and years. All we ask is that our members share our affinity for, or interest in, champagne. Our goal is to be an inclusive society that hosts events where you are able to make friends that otherwise you may never have met. We wish to add to your memories at Durham by giving you the opportunity to bond over champagne. From winter tastings to summer balls, Durham’s Champagne Society offers its members a range of socials, with lots more to come. Champers love x

Social Media:

Instagram: @durhamchampagnesociety

Gastronomy Society

Gastronomy Society was founded by students from all around the world whose goal is to promote good food habits for students. You may find that, in Durham, there are limited resources when it comes to getting quality ingredients and good food. Gastronomy Society wants to change that. There are great people in Durham that sell great local products, often at a very reasonable price, and we’re partnering with them to get the best produce. 

If you’re tired of buying low-quality food (grown 4,000km away), join us! We’ll share tips on how to change that. You’ll get to speak to people who know their jobs, products, and territory, and who enjoy what they do. We have excellent relations with local grocers and shopping is never a chore when you shop local, but rather an excellent opportunity to take a break and use your time purposefully.

You may find pasta and Greggs good, but if you’re looking for more, feel free to join us for dinners and food workshops (with great music!). Last year, we were unable to meet, but we’ll soon have events where everyone contributes and we work out a generous international meal.

Life is too short to eat badly, so don’t hesitate and join us today!

Social Media: 

Instagram: @durhamgastronomy

Firstly, with Instant Noodle Society (INS) there’s no pressure! INS is a friendly, warm space where we just sit and eat noodles. You can come as much or as little as you like. Noodles are a delicious staple within the student and this society will introduce you to new noodles and give you fun ways to make instant noodle pots even more enjoyable.

All you have to do is bring is yourself. We are a welcoming society for anybody, no matter who you are or what you enjoy (as long as you enjoy instant noodles, of course!). So if you would like to make some long-lasting friends over a yummy lunch, come join us! If you have any more questions, then message the exec on our social media platforms.

Social Media:

Instagram: @instantnoodlesoc

Facebook: Durham University Instant Noodle Society

Tiktok: @instantnoodlesoc

is a social enterprise founded as an Enactus project by students at Durham University in 2019. Through our three pillars- reusing, donating and educating- we aim further our philosophy of fighting hunger by reducing food waste. Fruit and vegetables destined for the waste bin are donated by local wholesalers and supermarkets. The ripest produce, which needs to be used as soon as possible, is preserved using traditional methods and turned into delicious fruity snacks. These are then sold to you guys! All the money raised goes to maintaining and growing our project. The best quality fruit and vegetables we receive are donated in weekly food boxes to those in our local area who need it most. This is done through our partnerships with local food banks. All the produce we receive can be stored and transported. Through our social media and university stalls, we aim to change the perception of how food should look. We teach people how to cook and eat products that are riper and less aesthetic than usual. We believe all fruit and vegetables are delicious, no matter how different they look!

Social Media:

Instagram: @theuglyfruitgroup

Facebook: @TheUglyFruitGroup


Do you run a food and/or drink based society? If so we would love to hear from you, email for more information.

Image credits: Durham Champagne Society (logo), Gastronomy Society (logo), Instant Noodle Society (logo), Edmondo Strada (Ugly Fruit Group logo)

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