Food & drinks’ guide 2 food & drink societies (part 1)

Do you like to eat? Do you like to drink? Well good news, Durham has many societies that main focus to enjoy the culinary side of life. Below are just some of the societies which have shared information about themselves. Find them at the Freshers’ Fair!

is an appreciation group for boba lovers! Bubble tea originated in Taiwan in the 1980s but has since evolved and is now an internationally loved drink. The drink traditionally has two components: some form of tea and tapioca pearls (also known as bubbles or boba). However, new variants of bubble tea are constantly cropping up, with slushies and popping jelly becoming popular choices. Despite Durham’s small size, the city has several bubble tea shops to cater to the student bodies desire for boba. These shops include Utepia and Funcha, where our society has previously held socials. Bubble tea is often dismissed as an exclusively Asian drink, as it is extremely popular within South East Asian communities. However, we want to change that stigma and introduce boba to as many people as possible. Therefore, our society is extremely inclusive, and we welcome both veteran drinkers and boba-newbies. More information on our group can be found on our Instagram, where we often post reviews of local and international bubble tea stores and give drink recommendations.

Social Media: 

Instagram: @dububbletea.societea

Chinese Tea Art Society (CTAS)

Chinese Tea Art Society (CTAS) provides students with the chance to learn about Chinese culture and try a wide variety of teas. Tea leaves were introduced to China 6000 years ago for medicinal use and became a popular daily drink. Tea drinking as a social activity then became a melting pot for different cultures in China.

This year, we will be meeting every fortnight to try a new tea while chatting about tea and Chinese culture. Participants will develop a strong understanding of the Chinese tea ceremony through the utensils, traditional teapots, and techniques used. These regular tea sessions will be accompanied by one-off events sharing aspects of Chinese culture with our members: calligraphy, folklore, and popular games will all be introduced.

Everyone is welcome in our society and we hope that our sessions will help our members take a peaceful break as they sip traditionally made tea.

Social Media:

Facebook: DurhamCTAS

Instagram: @DurhamCTAS


We also have a discord server for society members and will happily share an invite link with any students planning to join the society this year.

Durham creates an exciting and welcoming environment for students to socialise and drink with a creative twist. The main goal of the society is to allow people to relax and express their creativity amongst like-minded, friendly people.  Events run 2-3 times a term, along with some extra socials which have previously been held at various bars in Durham. Whilst enjoying some alcoholic (or non-alcoholic) drinks, students will follow an in-person painting tutorial from a student volunteer which will allow them to leave each event with their own ‘Bob Ross’ inspired masterpiece, as well as some new friends. Membership has previously come with the offer of a Revolution Durham societies discount card, which can be used for the year. No level of artistic ability is required – just come and have fun!

Social Media:

Instagram: @durhampaintandsip

Facebook: Paint & Sip Durham

focuses on providing a fun environment where members can learn about being vegan and vegetarian. Whether you’re vegetarian, vegan, or a meat-eater, everyone is welcome! There will be many events throughout the year such as socials where you can easily connect with like-minded individuals. Other events will include restaurant visits where we can all enjoy delicious food together! For members that want to get more involved in activism around animal cruelty don’t worry we will also be hosting guest speakers and other events around these topics.

There is no pressure to take part in any of the events, but everyone is welcome to contribute with whatever they feel they can do. If you have any questions just send us a message and we will be happy to have a chat!

Social Media:

Facebook: Durham University Vegetarian and Vegan Society

Instagram: @DurhamUniversityVegsoc

Do you run a food and/or drink based society? If so we would love to hear from you, email for more information.

Images (in order of right to left, top to bottom): Noor Muhmoud [header]; Ashley Goh [ Logo]; Constance Lam [ Photo]; Ying Hao 应灏 [CTAS logo]; Grace Nastasya [CTAS graphic]; Pawanrat Vachanavuttivong [ Graphic]; Durham University Vegetarian and Vegan Society [logo]

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