Facebook shut down triggered as Mark Zuckerberg mistakenly liked ex’s post from 2013

A Palatinate Satire investigation found that the Facebook cut-out, which occurred for around 12 hours last week, was actually carried out at the request of Mark Zuckerberg himself.

We understand that the site’s founder was undertaking one his periodic deep dives into his ex’s profile, when he mistakenly liked a status of hers which was originally posted eight years previously. Zuckerberg then proceeded to spend the next five minutes staring with horror at the post, which read ‘Like for a rate x’, before retracting the like.

However, finding this damage limitation measure insufficient, the social media CEO quickly brainstormed some ideas in a panic, such as wiping all trace of his existence from the internet or winding Putin up until he just blows everything up – including his ex’s Samsung Galaxy S20. In the end, he decided to simply shut the site’s entire global network before she could see the notification.

Once the original post had been destroyed in a controlled explosion, Facebook’s servers came back online. Zuckerberg told us he had no real regrets about shutting the site down, apart from it meaning he couldn’t use it to secure a second-hand ticket for ‘Kanye Night’ at Players.

If you or anybody you know has accidentally liked an ex’s picture from a house party in 2015 on Instagram, please contact Mr Zuckerberg on markzuccs18@gmail.com and he’ll crash the site or something.

Image: Stock Catalog via Flickr

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