EXCLUSIVE: Stuart Corbridge to leave Durham in 2022


Palatinate has learnt that Durham’s Vice-Chancellor, Stuart Corbridge is to leave the University in August 2022.

The Senate, the University’s supreme governing body in all academic matters, was informed of the move in June 2019, at the end of the Easter term.

The University confirmed to Palatinate today that the Vice-Chancellor will not lead the University beyond August 31st 2022. 

Professor Corbridge began working as Vice-Chancellor in September 2015, having previously served as Deputy Director and Provost for the London School of Economics (LSE). This appointment was made for five years, until August 2020, with the possibility of a further term of up to five years.

The search for a new Vice-Chancellor will begin in 2021

When asked by Palatinate how this decision was made, the University stated that in summer of last year the Vice-Chancellor accepted the University Council’s invitation to extend his contract, which he did not wish to be longer than two years.

The search for a new Vice-Chancellor will begin in 2021.

Joe Docherty, Chair of Durham University Council, said: “Council has commended the Vice-Chancellor for his steadfast pursuit of the delivery of the University Strategy in a turbulent external policy environment. We are pleased he will continue to lead the University until 31 August 2022.”

Since 2017 Durham University has been undertaking the University Strategy 2017-2027 expansion plans, which has seen the building of South College, the Teaching and Learning Centre and Stockton Campus colleges moving to Durham City. The plans will also see an expected 4,000 extra students join the University.

The University Strategy will continue under the new Vice-Chancellor

In an exclusive interview with Palatinate last academic year, the Vice-Chancellor justified the strategy that he’d introduced: “When you want to conduct research, you have to have critical mass, by that I mean you need a certain number of academics in each department, in order to be competitive.

“If we were just concentrating on education and the wider student experience, we could probably remain smaller.”

The University, when approached by Palatinate about the future of these plans, commented that they were owned by the University Council and Executive. The Strategy is kept under regular review and is updated accordingly. The delivery of the controversial strategy will continue under the new Vice-Chancellor.

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