“Everything just fell into place,” a first look at Durham’s AI matchmaking app ‘Simily’


A few weeks back, the matchmaking app Simily launched in collaboration with PalatiDates, giving the Durham community a chance to test the app and maybe find their perfect match.

Simily works by users chatting to an AI matchmaker, Simila, about their hobbies, values, lifestyle, and anything else important to them. Then they just explain what they’re looking for in a partner, select their availability, and Simily does the rest. Bella and Michael were some of the first to be sent out on a date, and now we get to see how it went…

Bella on Michael

Tell me about Michael
He was tall, confident and really cute. He really likes gardening, and even showed me loads of pictures of his plants.

What did you talk about?
Just everything omg. Our lives back home, why we chose our degrees, stressing over summer jobs, our favourite films. We had a long chat about friendships and I opened up a little about some problems in my friend group, and he was just a great listener and gave me some sound advice.

What were you hoping for?
He was just so nice. I was surprised at how well we got on and how long we spent together, I don’t think I’ve ever had a date like that where we just clicked and everything fell into place.

Best part of the date?
Going back to his and listening to music on his bed.

Is a second date on the cards?
Yes! We’re going to see Dune: Part Two together.

What did you like about using Simily?
I liked talking to the AI, it was less intimidating than other dating apps. Kind of weird though! But once I got used to it I didn’t have any trouble. I was more able to talk about important stuff and able to be open, which I guess is why Michael and I got on so well. We were matched based on more real stuff about ourselves.

Michael on Bella

Tell me about Bella
She was just lovely and very much my type.

What did you talk about?
A bit of everything, really. Ambitions, hobbies, we talked a lot about the Percy Jackson books! I brought that up because in my email about our date, the description of Bella that the AI gave me said that she liked Percy Jackson. I guess that’s part of why we were matched haha. But yeah overall she was really easy to talk to, and we’ve been texting since the date.

What were you hoping for? Any surprises?
I wasn’t hoping for much, expecting just a nice chat with someone and I guess something to do during the day to distract from summatives. I was shocked at how well we got on and by how pretty she was.

Best part of the date?
We talked about some deep stuff walking by the river, it felt very special.

Is a second date on the cards?
Absolutely – we’re meeting again soon.

What did you like about using Simily?
I liked that I was able to tell it what I was looking for in a person, that’s something you don’t really get to do when trying to date someone through dating apps or through friends. I think it worked pretty well!

Want to test out Simily? You can check it out here

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