En Route to Durham


October calls,
The majestic cathedral exudes its endearing charm
Once more.
The cobblestones greet my feet
The way the skies touch the sea
Where they meet at the horizon.

I remember why I write –
As the river glistens with the bridges and clouds,
Reflecting the calm and chaos of a heart.
October calls,
Another month with its timely refrain
Ask not for whom the bell tolls.

I remember where to put my poetry –
Not in the mirage of waters, not in the myriad of conversations,
October calls.
Not in the infinity of stars, or their brilliant constellations.
But the ripple that cascades into transparent brushstrokes –
A measured rhythm that resists celebrated compositions.

I remember to ask why –
The instrumental organ supporting majestic halls
A cabinet of curiosities
Governing my organic system.
Why bridges echo and clouds wink, why
October calls.









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