Editors’ Column – First Edition


This week SciTech takes a look at a unique and quintessentially Durham means of reducing our carbon footprint. Using the old coal mines as a direct source of heated water is about as novel as renewables get!

If this captures your interest (or if you’re too lazy to read the article) be sure to check out SciTech’s first video interview as my co-editor delves deeper into brain behind the concept (see what I did there?).

Also online, I’ll be speaking to new start-up company ‘Octopus’ who now provide my own house with energy from renewables, so don’t miss out on how you can make a difference when you set up your bills next year!

We have an exciting ‘Science Over Summer’ story from a Durham student on the way too. If you would like to have your summer story published, then do get in touch by email or on Facebook.
Finally, don’t miss the science event advertised on page 3; you can look forward to full coverage next time of one of Durham’s most exciting departments for science and technology.

You can’t say our section doesn’t deliver right?

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